Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hey Perfesser!

As a lot of people know, I've wanted to teach at a the University level for a long time, and after I finished my Master's degree my advisor recommended I submit my resume to Regis University. So, I've been going through this four-part assessment. The parts were:

  • Write an essay on how I will uphold the values in Regis' Jesuit Mission in my classes.
  • Grade a poorly-written student paper.
  • Participate in a group activity.
  • Teach a 20-minute "class."
The essay and student paper were turned in earlier this week and today I went in for the group activity and class.

The group activity went well. We had to pretend we are starting a company and personally rank 10 values ("profit," "concern for personnel as people," "social contribution," etc.). Then we had to reach a group consensus on the rankings. Pretty basic stuff.

From my point of view, my presentation suffered from the same problem I always have - I'm so excited and have so much to say that I'm very energetic, talking fast, etc. and come across as "nervous" when I'm really not. Need to learn to tone down the energy level a bit.

My presentation was an "Intro to Object Oriented Programming" and at the end, one of the assessors came up to me and said, "As a manager of a group of object-oriented programmers, that was the best high-level overview of Object Oriented Programming I've ever seen."

All in all, I feel pretty good about it. They said Regis will be sending out letters in a week to 10 days letting us know what happened and inviting us to the orientation on April 16 if we are accepted.

Nothing left to do but wait :).


My advisor, who is on the assessment committee, sent me an e-mail simply saying, "You did fine."


Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Dave said...

grats, mate!

Marburg said...

Whoo hoo.. Perfesser Zen. 'sgotta nice ring to it!