Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mini-Soda Day 2

Sunday! I get to sleep in!

I have no idea what time I woke up - somewhere on the high side of 10 a.m. I levered my rapidly aging butt out of bed and slouched through the basement living room, noticing signs of a rug-rat infestation. The signs are clear and easily recognizable to me since my house has a similar infestation:

  • G-rated movie playing on the DVD player (with no one watching)
  • half-finished glass of chocolate milk on the coffee table
  • drawings, papers, colored pencils and action figures spread out in a random fashion over every flat surface of the room.
BlueeyedBikinBabe (B^3) likes to make breakfast for her family on the weekends and since I was an honorary member of the family, I was included. Lately they had been on a French Toast kick and since French Toast is in my top 5 favorite foods, I wholeheartedly approved. Mr. B^3 was sleeping off a World of WarCrack binge so it was just me, B^3 and the rug-rat for breakfast.

The Big Day

Today was the day. B^3 had been telling me about her LBS for 2 years and she had been talking about me non-stop to them. Today she was going to take me there.

I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting, but there were no trumpets when B^3 walked through the spotlight...not even any nymphs spreading rose pedals at our feet. It was a bike shop. As soon as B^3 started introducing me, heads started popping up over bike frames, around doorways, etc. It was obvious people were curious and I felt a bit like a trained animal on display. Then again, looking back on my married life, I guess I am a trained animal (all married men are). Soon it was time to leave so we could go on...

The Ride

The ride was out on the Douglas Trail to a place called Pine Island (which is nowhere near water?) and back.

The Trail is a beautiful tree lined Rails-to-Trails path that is very popular for runners, bikers, rollerbladers, etc. and it was a beautiful pre-Autumn day for a ride.

As you can see, some of the leaves were just starting to turn in the hills:

and the landscape was dotted with farmhouses, silos and barns:
Finally, after about 30 miles of beautiful scenery, I was greeted with this view of Rochester on the way back:
Returning home, Mr. B^3 had thoughtfully prepared a wonderful dinner of marinated chicken, seasoned wild rice, and (brown sugar?) carrots.

It was a great day.

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