Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Hits Keep Coming - TRX Suspension System Perspective

As I started researching the TRX Suspension System I thought immediately of my friend PKQ. She travels quite a bit and likes to keep in shape so I thought the system might be perfect for her. Yesterday I invited her over to watch the product DVD and run through one set of the Friel-suggested routine I've been doing.

PKQ arrived at about 4:00 and we promptly sat down to watch the setup/workout video that comes with the product. As the workout came on I could see her eyes getting wide and we had a couple of good laughs about the above-average physique of the woman demonstrating on-screen. At one point PKQ said, "You know, it may not have been the smartest thing for me to come workout like this just before I leave on a business trip."

Eventually it was time to face the music and go down into my newly-cleared basement workout area. In a previous post I believe I mentioned having to wedge resistance training equipment into a tight space - I believe I have done so adequately. And to head off the inevitable question - No, I have NOT been playing the guitar while on the rollers. I have to save something to work on next season ;).

PKQ ran through the workout with me and was constantly impressed with how much more difficult exercises are when adding the suspension element. A couple of hours later I received an e-mail stating:

BTW, when I sat in the car, I felt things I've never felt. I can truthfully say those feelings continue. This is really gonna' hurt. Thanks, my pal, for the workout. :)
In a similar vein, Mrs. Zen asked today to show her a couple of "easy ones." We did a squat plus high row combo, a "Y" shoulder raise, suspended crunches, TRX kneeling rollout, and a TRX suspended pike. Throughout the exercises it was obvious that she was taking it easy. She's not very serious about resistance exercises, preferring yoga and aerobics. However, after dinner as we were leaving the restaurant she pointed to her IT Band area and said, "Wow! I can really feel it right here."

When I was first researching the system I was afraid I would outgrow it as I did the elastic band systems, but the more I use this the more I find it won't be the case. There are always ways to make the exercises harder - bringing feet together or going to one leg, working more against gravity, etc. If one were to outgrow this system, they would have to be very fit indeed.

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