Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Long Road Ahead

The weight dropped back down to 176 today. I was probably retaining some water from the 2(!) mini pecan pies I had for lunch on Monday. Can you say "Impulse control?"

I was talking to the wife last night and found out she is having similar issues with unexplained weight gain which won't shed. One thing we came up was we aren't taking multivitamins anymore and we aren't eating much salt, and the salt that we do eat is Kosher - no iodine. Iodine is essential for Thyroid function. The thyroid controls metabolic rate.

This morning I bought a multivitamin. I also doubled the DIM supplement I'm taking (still within recommendations on label) and I'm restarting Coconut Oil as a supplement. 1 tablespoon, 3 times a day.

Finally, with much soul-searching I decided to restart the ECA stack for a limited time. I know this will cause some disappointment with some friends but I'm desperate, and I'm going into it with a plan. I have a built-in stop date. I can't take ECA while doing polyphasic sleep - it will interrupt the sleep & REM patterns too much. Also, I don't want to be taking it during my trip to Minnesota, so before I leave, I will use the NLP Swish technique to flush out the compulsion.

I've also restarted logging my food and calories in vs. calories out on FitDay. I will post the link to my journal and I invite all my friends to look at it and help me keep diligent about both logging and food choices. I'll try to remember to post weight fluctuations there too.

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