Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cross Training

Tonight was my cross training night. One and one-half hours of easy exercise of my choice. Heh heh. Yeah, sure.

I decided I was tired of sitting on my bike riding nowhere, so I dusted off the old ski machine so that I could ski to nowhere. I used the ski machine a lot way back when. I had separated my shoulder in a very stupid alcohol related motorcycle accident (the bike was not moving at the time - told you it was stupid). I was off work and just laying around on the couch but I had a friend with a ski machine she wasn't using so I asked the doc if I could use it as rehab and he thought it was a good idea. Every day I would put a movie in the VCR and ski away in the living room.

Eventually my friend wanted the machine back and I bought a lightly used one. I didn't like it as much - the motion wasn't as smooth - so it went into the basement. Until tonight. Well, technically it is still in the basement since my workout room is inj the basement, but now it is set up and getting use.

Let me make a potentially longer story short: I was overconfident and it was a tough workout. I went into it thinking "I can ride centuries. I can ride mountains. I just rode two hours and forty minutes on the vomitron on Sunday. I can handle a nice, easy jaunt on the ski machine." Of course I forgot to take into account the fact that cycling and XC skiing use completely different muscle groups. I didn't take into account I was a little low on food today, and heading into ketosis.

I bonked at about one hour. Eventually I figured it out and took a shot of gel but that last 30 minutes were very painful. I bet I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. Just in time for strength training day. Oh, joy.

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BlueEyedBikinBabe said...

Oh so others make mistakes too? :D It's ok, I'll take it easy on you TODAY!