Friday, February 01, 2008

Customer Service

Completely out of the blue yesterday I got a call on my cell phone:

ME: "Hello?"
Steve: "Hi, this is Steve from Fitness Anywhere. I just wanted to follow up on the questions in your e-mail and see if there was anything else I can do for you."

I was struck speechless for a few moments. The e-mail in question contained a couple of quick questions about exercise equivalence charts and ways to adapt TRX workouts to more traditional exercise plans. I was satisfied with the response that Fitness Anywhere is working on that sort of thing and will have resources available in the next 6 months.

During our discussion I once again asked for a "master list" of exercise equivalents and was told that while that particular resource is not available, more information and more exercises will be available both online and on DVD, particularly exercises targeting specific activities. I did not confirm this but my gut feeling is they will be releasing workouts for triathletes.

I also suggested some form of public blog or forum where customers could interact with each other as well as company representatives. This, I found out, is a fairly common request and is in the works now also. They plan on rolling something out within the next three months.

Great customer service. One more reason to do business with Fitness Anywhere.

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