Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Quads are on Fire!

Two hour and forty minutes on the vomitron tonight. Ugh. I never, ever, EVER! thought I would do that.

On the plus side, though, I have more evidence of those changes I wrote about earlier. Tonight's workout was supposed to be on rolling or hilly terrain, staying seated on the hills to build hip strength. Since I didn't feel like going outside today I rode the trainer, gearing up to simulate hills. In the past when my gearing was too big I felt like the tendons were trying to rip off my knees.

Tonight, however, my knees felt fine. As a matter of fact, I put the wedge shims back in my left shoe and my left knee was better tonight than it has been in years. Last summer I replaced the shims because they looked old, but lost them when my cleat pulled off my shoe at Triple Bypass and I never replaced them. Makes me wonder how long those shims had been worn out.

Back the to quads - tonight was really the first time in my cycling that I felt the stress in my quads rather than my knees. I've always known I was deficient in leg strength since I was never very athletic growing up. Now I think I have proof that I'm on the right track, athletically.


Maarburg said...

Now.. I feel totally guilty that I didn't remember to wake up early and train this morning..



BlueEyedBikinBabe said...

Ya know, if you would have just listened to me a long time ago.... ;)