Thursday, March 13, 2008

TRX Suspension Trainer Guest Follow-up Part 2

Today I have another guest follow-up. I mentioned in my entry"The Hits Keep Coming - TRX Suspension System Perspective" my friend PKQ tried the system with me and was intrigued enough to order one of her very own. Here is her one-month-ish follow-up to that purchase:

My thoughts about the TRx are similar to Maarburg's. Weight lifters will probably want to supplement with free weights.

However, since using the TRx about twice weekly since the end of January, I believe this is an excellent method to stay in shape. The exercises are incredibly easy to figure out how to do but incredibly hard, some not all, to do. What I found interesting is the degree of difficulty in working the abs by pressure on the handles. I have never done anything that quite isolated and worked the abs to this degree. Ouch!

The real test for me came with the first bike ride. Now that three rides are under my belt, I will say the TRx is a great way for cyclist to maintain leg strength, too. My strength was there but my endurance was lacking, which is not the result of the TRx. I was a slug during winter. The bicycle rides were on hilly terrain, which were no problem until the end. Again, that's the lack of endurance so I wasn't blasting up the hills but creeping up them.

All in all, the only soreness from the initial bike rides of 2008 relates to my sit bones. If TRx can develop a workout for sit bones, sign me up. Ouch!

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yots said...

Hey Zen...have you ever tried those (not sure exactly what they are called)..things that help your body to tolerate the heat...I think they are a drink or supplement?
look forward to your answer

Mike Busch said...

Are you talking about something like Hammer Nutrition's Endurolytes?

yots said...

I think that's what it was...I am wondering if it really does make a difference when trying to endure the heat?